Antenatal Classes

Are you looking for a course that will introduce you to a group of others, but ALSO offer you personalised support and advice?
It’s common for couples attending antenatal classes elsewhere to report that they made friends – but didn’t learn anything personally useful to them on the day of their birth.


Our Courses are different!


We have attended over 450 births in homes and hospitals – so it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about birth!

Our teaching is modern, different and better.  All our services are provided by us personally so we can guarantee the quality and content of classes. We are not tied to a school of thought or campaigning for a particular ‘type’ of birth – we only have your interests at heart.

Watch this video to hear why parents recommend us.

Our complete Antenatal courses will provide you with everything you need to know to support you through your birth and those early days as new parents.

Working with hundreds of birthing women have shown us that there are just 3 key principles behind having a positive birth experience – we will share this with you and more.

The course content (detailed below) will teach you a range of skills which supports both high and low risk birth scenarios.  This ensures that the techniques we teach are 100% relevant for all course attendees.  By keeping it simple and relevant, you can learn and remember these skills on the day of your birth.  


All couples attending our Antenatal course are offered a FREE 1-2-1 ‘birth mentor consultation’.

This ‘optional’ 30 minute session will be via a video call.  (value £65.00 – details below)


In addition we offer 2 x 2 hr (optional) daytime sessions including:-

Preparation for Birth – Breathing and Relaxation Session,

Postnatal Reunion Session. 


Antenatal courses – 16 hours: £197


Week 1 – The journey of the mother

Looking at the pregnant body, the role of hormones, the 3 stages of labour, what decisions a woman might make during labour and different forms of pain relief – both natural and medical.

Week 2 – The journey of the baby

Exploring how the stages of labour affect the baby, how the baby navigates the pelvis, assisted birth and induction.  We look in depth at caesarean birth, and consider the options available to you.

Week 3 – The role of the birth partner

We look in detail at how important the role of the birth partner is to the mother. Practical advice, birth plans and a wide range of information through each stage of labour, and what the partner can do during each stage to ensure a positive birth experience.

Week 4 – The early postnatal period

During this session we look at feeding methods, share top tips and answer any questions you may have about choosing the best method for your family.  We will look at the development of a baby and share with you a range of skills to help you during those first few days with a newborn.  This includes: safe sleeping, communication with your baby, common concerns of new parents, benefits of “skin to skin”and how to choose/use a baby sling.

1-2-1 Birth Mentor Consultation Session

We understand that when it comes to having a baby a ‘one size fits all’ policy doesn’t always work.  Not everyone wants the same and individual circumstances may seem to affect your individual options.

Therefore all couples attending an antenatal course with us are given the option to book a FREE private 1-2-1 birth mentor consultation. This session is held by video call at your convenience and would typically follow the completion of a course.  This service is unique to Birthability and provides you with a totally personalised session during which we can talk about your  plans and address any concerns or questions you may have.

Breathing and relaxation session

We invite you to join us for an additional daytime session (for women only) specifically tailored to support you no matter what type of birth you choose, this calm and relaxing session can reduce fear and give you skills that will be helpful for use in both the antenatal and postnatal period.

Postnatal support/reunion session

We invite you to attend our weekly coffee group sessions for a reunion session.  During this time you can ask us for advice on many newborn issues such as sleeping, feeding, and day to day concerns/worries. Subject to availability, we can offer the opportunity to de-brief your birth with one of the teachers if required. As a group, you may wish to set a date that you all attend together allowing you the opportunity to introduce your babies and have a formal reunion.  (Please note our coffee group is held at The Meeting Room, Hampton in Arden, Solihull, B92 0AH – Mondays 10.30am – 12.30pm)


Whether you are High or Low Risk, planning a normal birth or a C-Section, we will be able to guide you through the options that are available to you and teach you the practicalities.

In addition, we will show your partner how to make a difference to your birth, and clearly define their role in supporting you from early labour through to the arrival of your baby – and beyond.

Our courses are non judgemental and designed to help you make the most appropriate choices for you and your family – this is your birth and should be done your way!

We recommend that you book your course to begin around the time that you are 32 weeks pregnant.

Courses held every month on Monday evenings between 6.45pm – 9.45pm.



January Course – Mondays January 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th

February Course – Mondays February 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th

March Course – Mondays March 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th

April Course – Mondays April 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd

May/June Course – Mondays May 13th, 20th and June 3rd, 10th

June/July Course – Mondays June 17th, 24th and July 1st and 8th




Twins (Multiples) Session


We are delighted to offer a FREE one off session to support all twin couples that attend our ‘Full Antenatal’ or ‘Expecting Again’ courses.

Our training and experience of supporting both Vaginal and Caesarean Twin births across the region mean that we are able to answer many of the questions and concerns that are unique to multiple pregnancies.

Firstly we feel it is important that twin parents attend one of our antenatal courses to look at and prepare for all types of birth.  This ensures that no matter what your plans are for the birth of your babies, you will have covered all you need to know in case of a change in the plan.  You will meet others who are expecting around the same time as you and will discover all your available options – leaving you able to make informed choices when it comes to the day of the birth and in the postnatal period.



After using the doula service for her first child my wife suggested the birthability course when we found out we were having twins. I was sceptical at first, assuming it would be hippy breathing nonsense, but I could not be more wrong. The classes were fun and insightful, but most importantly, honest. Sarah and Sallyann speak from real experience and they really care about all their mothers. Though for me, their real skill is in developing the importance of the fathers role.

They helped to coach my wife into a positive mindset to deliver our babies successfully, without pain relief because she understood her body and the birthing process more, even after having a previous pregnancy. Most importantly they gave me the confidence to be the best birth partner I could be; I held our daughter whilst supporting my wife through the second delivery, I knew what to do and how; and that was all down to these two wonderful ladies!!   Thank you both!! 


“I had planned a c-section with my two boys, and booked an antenatal course with Birthability which was recommended by my friend.   They covered Caesarean Section, breathing and relaxation for my anxiety, and the role of the partner in detail.  In the end I went into labour 3 days before they were due to be delivered  and we were so grateful that we knew what to expect”.