Harry Kane – Birth backlash is very disappointing!!

I’m not one for reading the news, but I have been horrified to watch the story unfold this week about the backlash that Footballer Harry Kane has received after the announcement of the birth of his daughter on twitter:-

“Our beautiful addition to the family! Vivienne Jane Kane. So proud of @KateGoodlandx for having the most amazing water birth with no pain relief at all #mygirls #hypnobirthing.”

Why would that lead to a backlash of any kind?  Why not just a stream of congratulations?

Instead his comments were seen immediately as criticism of mothers who used pain relief in labour.


I literally can’t understand why anyone would be offended by this comment and choose to take it personally if they had made a different decision during their labour and birth.

If you were standing at the finish line of a big local Marathon, would you expect to hear people shouting from the sidelines:- “You bunch of fucking losers, you have absolutely no right to feel proud of yourselves whatsoever”

Of course not, it would be awful.

There may be many people in this world (me included) who might say – I hate running! I would never run a marathon. Running is not for me! You may even think to yourself that your best friend who loves running is bonkers, as it is not an activity you would choose to do in your spare time, but no matter what, if your friend made a decision to prepare for a long distance run, you would no doubt be positive and encourage them and support them to achieve their dream.  (read more about giving birth and running a marathon)

So why, when it comes to childbirth, do women tear each other down?  Why do we care so much about the decisions that other women are making on the day their baby is born?

Labour is not a race, It is not a competition and there are NO MEDALS!  

Do what you want – whatever feels right for you!

No matter what a woman chooses on the day of her child’s birth, she should be congratulated and supported.

No one else is affected by your decisions, so don’t judge others and PLEASE don’t judge yourself.

This approach will help you throughout your parenting journey too!

Kane followed up his post by writing: “Let’s get one thing straight, any women can give birth however they would like. “I’m very proud of my fiancée for doing it the way she wanted and we both learnt a lot from hypnobirthing.”

So well done and congratulations to Harry and Kate. We hope you have a wonderful time getting to know your baby girl.

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