What is the ONE thing that every pregnant woman needs to know?

Congratulations you are pregnant!

The weeks are ticking by, and you are searching the internet and soaking up information like a sponge, desperate to find out as much as you can about the months ahead.

Your midwife will ask you where you would like to have your baby, and you might be a little unsure as to what each hospital has to offer in your area, or unaware that you can choose a home birth, so you just go for the nearest and hope for the best.

It can be overwhelming, because as the old saying goes – “You don’t know what you don’t know”

After all, you have never done this before, and neither has your partner!

You ask everyone you meet who has had a child:-

  • How was their birth experience?
  • Do they have any advice/top tips to share with you?
  • What is it like being a new parent?

Your friends/colleagues take great pleasure in telling you their stories and giving you tons of advice.  The problem is that sometimes their experiences of labour and birth, can be really quite scary!  Giving birth is something you may already be a little fearful about, so any reassurance you may have been looking for is squashed with the negative experiences of the people you have been speaking to.

So what is the secret?  What is the one thing that you need to know to ensure that you have a positive birth?

Well we believe that the ONE thing that you need to know as a pregnant woman, above all others is:-

That paying for good quality antenatal education which includes preparation for birth, and life with your newborn will be the best investment you will ever make.

When I say good quality, I really mean it.  It is heartbreaking when couples tell us that they signed up to classes because friends/colleagues have told them:- “You won’t learn much, and you will have to play silly games and find out information on your own, but you will make friends for life”.  This is indeed important but an antenatal course should be about so much more than just making friends!

Your antenatal course provider should be able to confidently talk you through the main topics that each course covers, (stages of labour, hormones, etc:-) but they should also be knowledgeable enough to help you to understand about all the decisions that you might need to make during your birth, prepare you for all eventualities, and help you to understand more about the venue that you have chosen to have your baby.  They should be teaching your birth partner about the role that they play, and you should come away feeling confident about how to achieve the birth that you want.

So if you are being weighed down by worries and concerns about labour, birth, life with a newborn and feeding options?  Invest in your birth experience and book an antenatal course with us.

At Birthability we ensure that our years of experience, working alongside couples during their birth, enables you to receive all the information necessary to remain in control at all times.

As soon as you book your Antenatal course you can let go of those questions that are playing on your mind and relax. You will be free to enjoy your pregnancy knowing that you will gain all the knowledge you need to have a positive birth experience no matter what.  You can also feel confident knowing that we are the ones teaching you, as we do not outsource our services to other providers, giving you even more confidence in the information you will receive.

In early pregnancy, we recommend you book to attend our Full Antenatal course to begin when you are around 32 weeks pregnant. Once your space is confirmed, you will have the peace of mind to enjoy your remaining weeks knowing that you will soon be meeting up with other couples due at the same time as you because as we know, friendships are important too!

Our Antenatal course content includes:-

•  1 Free Breathing and Relaxation – Preparation for birth session

•  3 Months worth of FREE coffee group attendance in order to ensure that your relationships continue to develop and you get support when you need it most.


Lucy:-  I learnt more in 2 hours with you and Sarah than i did in 5 weeks of NCT classes

Jessica:- We loved the supportive and inclusive nature of the classes, there is no judgement, just great advice.  I will be telling all my friends about this course.


Read more Birthability reviews on netmums or watch our testimonials video:-





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