Words for Rachel – As she transitions from Maiden to Mother

Dear Rachel,

Its nearly time, she is almost here and I can feel your anticipation from my home in the UK.

Your hormones are building,

Your cervix is softening 

and your fear is beginning to leave you.

I think all women need to get to the phase when they embrace the transition between Maiden and Mother.  They build their strength and allow themselves to accept the inevitable.  

When the waves begin we breathe.

When the support we receive is strong, we can do it!

We know we are a strength, a force, a power! 

We channel it as we birth.

This part of us that we never realised was so special.

We took it for granted, we never valued how much it mattered.

The baby moves down, the waves become stronger

And still we breathe!

You can do it!

You are doing it!!

She is going to be fine, your body is so smart and she will navigate her way through your pelvis with great determination.

Wait for your own instinctive urges to push.  

Let your body guide her through the twists and turns.

She is almost here and you are amazing!

Well done!  

You are incredible!

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