Labour of Love – The Ultimate Guide to Being a Birth Partner



The Art of Giving Birth – Five Key Physiological Principles


Over 20 years of experience as a professional birth partner (doula) and antenatal teacher who focuses uniquely on the role the birth partner plays during pregnancy, labour and birth, has given me many insights into the best ways for a woman to achieve her dream birth.

These books, will help both you and your birth partner to learn everything you need to know to not only plan, but also succeed and achieving a positive and empowered birth experience. I also include many valuable resources for you to download – and have written and designed a separate pregnancy journal to support you through the process.

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Do you feel well prepared for your new arrival?

Have you thought about where you are giving birth?

Options include: Home, a Midwife-Led-Unit or a Hospital Labour Ward.

There is so much to think about when expecting…

How will my body change in pregnancy?

How will the birth go?

What will it be like to meet our baby for the first time?

Where do I go to get support?

Will my birth partner know how to help me?

How will having a baby impact my relationships?

Birthability can answer all of your questions, and help you to achieve your dream birth no matter what type of birth you are hoping for.

Our wide selection of classes will give you confidence and knowledge about birth and newborn babies – and ease your transition into being a great parent.

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As a Doula (professional birth partner) I have been present at over 1000+ births and am regularly recommended by local NHS midwives across the whole of Warwickshire, West Midlands and Worcestershire.  

I am a local birth educator that also attends births on a regular basis – in fact most other teachers have never experienced a birth other than their own! This offers you the confidence to know that I am bringing first-hand knowledge and experience to my teaching, and I have a couple of books on how to achieve your dream birth, and how to be an amazing birth partner. 

I am a trained Doula UK doula with 22+ years experience and also a Doula Mentor.

I look forward to offering you non-judgmental support at all times.

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With a full range of services, including:-

 Full Antenatal Courses, ‘Expecting Again’ Courses, Pregnancy Yoga Classes, Hypnobirthing Courses, 1-2-1 Courses, Home Birth Planning Sessions, Baby Massage Courses, Sleep Clinics, 1-2-1 Sleep Support, Birth De-briefing and Doula Mentoring.

The wide range of services allows me to meet the needs of families – offering a safe space to discover their own philosophies about birth and parenting.

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Birthability will support you whatever type of birth you choose. I have a wide range of experience with home birth, water birth, midwife led birth, hospital birth, VBAC, planned caesarean section, twin birth, and “high risk” pregnancies, including complex medical conditions. I have supported women in all units across the region, and am able to guide you through the different policies and guidelines for each service provider.

I Support

Are you concerned about the early days with a new baby? Many new parents find the transition into parenting can be both overwhelming and exhausting.

I provide one-to-one support, baby massage classes, and access to my weekly coffee group. As an experienced postnatal doula, I can support you in your home, bringing reassurance whilst you find your feet, and enabling you to get some much needed rest.



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