Choosing a name for your baby

How hard is it deciding on a name for your baby??

There is no doubt in my mind that for me, this was the hardest part about being a parent during the pregnancy/antenatal period.

As your baby grows inside you, you feel them move, you begin to bond, and you may even talk to them regularly.   Many of us give them a name, but most often it is a cute “pet” name, that we give the growing bump, not the name you will actually call them for their whole lives.

For me, the responsibility of trying to decide on a name for the baby felt HUGE!!!

The biggest issue was because i had to choose a name that both my husband and i agreed on – As he was in fairness – the other parent of my child!  I swear it would have been so much easier if i could have chosen without his input! LOL!

In our house during the latter stages of my pregnancy, we were known to say phrases like “What the hell are we going to call it”,  “Over my dead body” and “NO F***ING WAY ARE WE CALLING OUR KID THAT!!” when one or the other of us came out with what we both considered to be perfectly reasonable names.

I feel like i am quite a traditional kind of a girl, but i have to be honest, i also see nothing wrong in a bit of modern individuality when it comes to naming a child.

I mean who wants their kid to be at school with another child in the class called by the same name??  Not ideal is it!!

Coming up with good names that matched our surname wasn’t easy either, have you found that??  It seemed to me that the name books were not very individual, and i was always afraid that i would miss out on a fabulous name that would suit my child more than the ideas in the books i read during the pregnancy period.

Of course there was always the risk that if you named them in advance, that they wouldn’t even look like the name you chose!

OMG!  So much responsibility! – See i told you!!

So in case you are in a dilemma, and like me were wanting something just that little bit different, we have come up with some names inspired by the Warwickshire area and Famous Authors.
























So just before we go, can we ask you a few questions:-

Did you decide on a name before or after your baby was born??

Have you got some great ideas for Baby Names that you can share with us all?

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