Doula Support

Childbirth is a normal part of life and I believe that the overwhelming majority of women in my care are capable of giving birth physiologically if it is their dream to do so. I passionately believe that women should be supported in understanding the choices available to them in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Only then can you make informed decisions and approach labour confidently and calmly. No matter what kind of birth you choose, Birthability Doulas will be there to provide the support and guidance that you require. I have now attended over 1000+ women and their partners during labour in the years I have been working alongside them to achieve their birth choices.

What is a Doula?

  • A person who is employed by a pregnant mother or couple to provide emotional and practical support before, during and after childbirth
  • Believes in “mothering the mother” – They can enable and empower a woman to have a more positive and satisfying experience
  • Supports birth in a range of settings. They can support a mother during her birth whether she chooses to have her baby at home, in hospital, or at a birthing centre
  • Has completed a specialised training course, and has a good knowledge and awareness of the birth process and the mother’s needs during this time
  • Is not medically trained, and does not replace the need for a midwife
  • Can help partners to also have a more positive experience at the birth of their baby
  • Does not give advice, but provides information, and is a good listener

Support from a confident and experienced birth keeper during your labour can make a difference to the outcome


RESEARCH has shown that having a doula present at a birth can:

Shorten first-time labour by an average of:0

Decrease the chance of caesarean section by:0

Reduce the use of forceps during delivery by:0

Decrease the need for epidural by:0

Why Hire


Imagine planning a trip to the Himalayas…

In your mind you will climb the tallest peaks with your partner by your side, every step of the way. After a long and tiring journey you will be rewarded by reaching the highest summits, and stand on top of the world, in awe of the incredible views.

Now imagine turning around to see your team of local guides beside you. Well of course they would be there, you wouldn’t have travelled without them! Whilst you may have planned this journey for many years, read the books and trained to the peak of physical fitness, you recognise the need for experienced people that know the area, have been there many times before, and speak the native language…

Birthability Doulas are your guides for birth, and can walk alongside you throughout your pregnancy journey. We will be a calming, comforting, encouraging presence in the birthing room, and will stay with you for the whole of your birth however long it takes.

During pregnancy and birth we will be able to ensure that you understand any choices being offered to you by your medical caregivers, and discuss your options. This enables us to bridge the gap between the medical experts and yourselves, allowing your partner to be freed up to entirely support you. We can offer reassurance to you both during labour itself, and remind you of your body’s incredible ability to birth your baby.


During a booking/interview visit you will meet Sallyann either online or face to face. By working together, she will be able to ascertain all of your preferences for labour and birth and discuss them with you in great detail. She offers a wide range of expertise, knowledge and experience, which will be invaluable in supporting you to make choices that are most appropriate for your circumstances. She also offers a full range of packages to suit every client’s needs and can discuss these with you at this appointment.

Following booking, depending on your chosen package, she will meet with you again to get to know you and your partner, learning about your individual beliefs and wishes for labour.

She can discuss your birth preferences, choice of birth environment, relaxation methods, pain relief options, birth positions, preparations for your baby, breastfeeding and anything else you (or your partner) want to talk about. If you have had a previous traumatic birth experience, she can help to alleviate any fears you may have, enabling you to have a positive approach to this birth.

Birthability Doulas offer ongoing text, email and phone support 24/7, and are on call for you from the moment you book. You will know and feel confident about how and when to call during labour, so that your doula can be there with you as soon as you need their support. If working with a shared care doula, you will be provided with an on-call schedule which will identify the days each doula is on-call, thereby providing reassurance that you will never be expected to work with an unknown “back up” doula.

The on-call doula will be supporting both you and your partner practically and emotionally throughout the birth of your baby, and will not leave until both you and your baby are settled.

Finally, they will visit you in your home following the birth of your baby offering a chance to reflect on your birth experience. They can answer any questions you may have about life with a newborn, and help you decide if you require any further postnatal support.

Please contact me by telephone – 07986 757001

or via my booking form, email or telephone to discuss packages, prices & availability