Mini Pool Essentials Package:- 165cm x 145cm



Our hospital grade pools are supplied with a liner and an inflate/deflate air pump. We hire the pools out for a 5 week period for the cost of £95.

Collection and return can be arranged to either Henley in Arden, Chase Meadow (Warwick) or Hampton in Arden. (Free delivery to doula clients)

Please note:- We have a home birth package for doula clients which includes a free pool.

As Doulas, we are seeing a huge increase in homebirths across the region. More and more of our clients are choosing to use water as a fantastic and fully recognised form of pain relief during their labour.

Relaxation encourages Oxytocin which is the prime hormone of labour. It encourages contractions, whilst at the same time ensuring the body releases endorphins that are responsible for providing natural pain relief.

Immersing in warm water helps the muscles to relax, thereby avoiding a tension – pain – fear cycle, which often leads to a harder labour, and lengthened first stage.

Many of our doula clients hire our pools from us, and we have found over time that birth pool in a box is the most flexible option as it doesn’t need to be inflated until you are early in labour. Dependent upon your water pressure our small pool takes only 30 minutes to fill. The padded base offers comfort to the mum as she moves around the pool on her knees, or rests between contractions.

Our hospital grade pools are supplied with a liner and an inflate/deflate air pump.

Dimensions165 × 145 cm


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