Travelling abroad with your baby

Guest blog by Rebecca Anderton – mum of William and Amelia


Going on holiday this year?


At Coffee Group recently we had a group discussion about going on holiday with your little ones and especially about the logistics of going abroad. It was great to hear about the wide range of holidays people go on with their babies and that life doesn’t have to stop!

Those who have already been on holiday raised the following key interesting points:

1.   Whether you go on holiday for one night or a week, you will end up taking roughly the same amount of luggage with you.

2.   Flying with under 2’s is free and if you go before they are walking, it is much easier as they can remain in once place.  If you are flying long haul you may want to ask your flight company if they are able to provide a bassinet (posh word for a moses basket!) for your baby to sleep in which will lead to much more rest for yourself!

3.   You don’t have to pay to take your car seat abroad. You can put it in a bag, which will go free of charge onto the plane (with the main suitcases). There is no weight limit, so fill that bag up as much as you can!

4.   Airbnb is a great site to check out child friendly accommodation and you can filter the results so that these come up. This could mean whether you are in the UK or abroad, you don’t need to worry about sleeping arrangements and safety gates!

5.   Buy a lightweight pushchair to take with you rather than your expensive travel system.  Ensure that it is able to recline so that your baby can sleep in it in the evening while you are at dinner. Fully collapsible pushchairs can be taken all the way to the plane (rather than booked into hold luggage)


Have you been away with your babies on holiday? We’d love to hear your top tips to make the trip less stressful for everyone!

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