Sallyann Beresford has been supporting families during the antenatal and postnatal period for over 22 years. Her extensive training has taken her across the world and she has now supported over 1000+ women and their families in the birth room. Her vast knowledge and experience has enabled her to be invited to speak at conferences, to lecture student midwives, and to mentor new trainee doulas. Sallyann has also written 2 bestselling books and produced a series of birth planning journals in addition to hosting a popular weekly podcast.  All the services, classes and materials she offers are aimed at helping a wide audience of women and their partners to make well informed decisions and succeed at achieving their dream birth.

Sallyann became interested in supporting women during labour and birth, after her 2nd child was born in 2000. She completed a comprehensive doula training course with Michel Odent, and over the next few years went on to train as an antenatal yoga teacher, baby massage instructor, sleep consultant and hypnobirthing teacher.

She is very passionate about women’s choice regarding pregnancy and birth, and in 2014 began incorporating sessions during her antenatal courses that exclusively covered the role of the birth partner. The incredible success that clients had in achieving their dream birth after attending these unique classes, helped Sallyann to realise the gap that exists in the information available to women and their birth partners. She then wrote her popular award winning book – Labour of Love – The Ultimate Guide to Being a Birth Partner, and her most recent book The Art of Giving Birth – Five Key Physiological Principles.

Birthability is a full-service company, offering a wide range of services and personalised care. As well as Doula support, she is able to provide an amazing range of antenatal and postnatal courses offering her clients a first-class service.


 Alongside running Birthability, Sallyann lives with her husband, their 4 children and Cavapoochon dog Paisley.

A few stats about our clients

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“Sallyann has supported me through all 3 of my children’s births. I am always so grateful for her calm and confident presence. She is very intuative, and she just seems to know exactly what I need in any given moment. I cannot imagine how anyone has a baby without a doula by their side.”    

Heather Adams