Sleep Consultation

Are you an Exhausted Parent with a young child under 5 years?


Are you ready for your life to change and to help your child to sleep for 12 hours per night, enabling you to regain some sense of normality?

We recognise that the first 3 months of a babies life is such an important time for bonding & development and a baby needs to be held a lot to feel safe and secure.  During this time, the parents confidence begins to grow and feeding becomes more established.

However as the baby gets older, lack of sleep for the family often continues and poor sleep habits become embedded, leaving the parents feeling like everything is getting out of control.  When the baby is 6 months and beyond, if sleep is still not consistent enough for your family, you might want to consider seeking help.

We offer families a wide range of techniques for sleep training, and will recommend a plan that will be personalised to meet the needs of you and your child.

 This is suitable for children aged between 6 months – 5 years.

Reasons you might need help:


  • Your child is not sleeping for 12 hours per night (minimum for 6 mths – 5 yrs)
  • You have trouble getting your baby to settle themselves to sleep
  • Your baby wakes up repeatedly during the night
  • Your child is getting out of bed at night
  • Your child is waking before 7am
  • You need help breaking established habits (dummies, milk in the night, cuddles in the night)
  • You are moving your child from a cot to a bed
  • You have or are expecting Twins/Multiples
  • You have a new baby and are worried about getting up for two children in the night

Would a full nights sleep be the best gift ever?

 If your child is between 6 months and 5 years of age and struggles to get to sleep, or wakes up in the night or early morning, then joining our online sleep support group “The Sleepy Mum’s Club” may be a decision that you need to make this year.

During our 28 day programme, with my help as a fully qualified and experienced sleep consultant, you will be able to look at and understand why your child is not sleeping and figure out ways to help them to achieve a full 12 hours each night without ever leaving them to cry.


Sleep deprivation will affect your child’s mood, concentration levels, ability to stay awake appropriately during activities, and overall growth and development.


Our “Sleepy Mum’s Club” is a fun and interactive online support group that includes daily emails and videos to ensure that you can work out exactly what is going on with your child and use techniques that are suitable for you and them.

This club comes with the added benefit of interacting with a group of like minded parents in a private Facebook group who are also desperate to help their child to sleep.


This 28 day programme will give you motivation and encouragement when making the changes necessary to help your child to sleep.  It might be that your child has never slept well, or they may have recently developed a sleep problem and you want to know how to help them to re-discover the benefits of sleep.

In addition you will meet other families online who are going through the course at the same time as you thereby gaining extra support when you need it most.

You will receive daily videos from me that offer you knowledge and guidance to work out why your child is not sleeping.  I will then provide you with solutions, including my top tips and tricks on how to succeed.

As the weeks go by, I am available on to offer personalised suggestions to adapt and tweak what you are doing for continued success.

This will enable you and your child to undoubtably make progress and learn good sleep habits for life with the added benefit of working out:

•   Why your child isn’t sleeping.

•   What is the best method appropriate for you.

•   How to continue with the programme and tweak where necessary

   Tips for ongoing success


By signing up to this popular and cost effective programme, it means that your whole family may be able to achieve a full nights sleep in 28 days or less without using harsh sleep training techniques!  It is also extremely flexible and convenient, as you can access it wherever you are and at a time that suits you.  


You can join this 28 day programme for the price of £49 which is a cost of less than £2 per day.

Included in this price you will be given access to the lifetime sleep club (facebook group) which will enable you to continue receiving support until you no longer need it.


Testimonials from other mum’s who have used the programme:-
What’s been really helpful is just being able to share the videos with my husband. If I was relying on a book I’d have to relay the message to him and I know the impact will have been lost in me translating the messages. We both liked the bitesize videos – they were easy to digest and informative. It’s also been really useful having a mix of ages of children on the course…listening to the advice you’ve given the Mum’s of the older children is great for me to remember for the future. 

I was pleased that I managed to conquer one major aspect of our sleeping routine which meant I could still be close to my child and reassure her to sleep, rather than the leave the room / leave her to cry-it-out, which I find very distressing as does my child. This method gave me the confidence to make changes easily without the worry and anticipation beforehand knowing I would cause distress. 

I thought the idea of a group was fantastic. You never felt on your own, and in comparison I thought I was quite lucky. Everyone has their own issues, and mine was because I was working really late at night so was never able to get that early night sorted which was important to me. Hearing others successes made you feel really positive too. I’ve already recommended it to lots of people.  

We’re actually able to sit and have dinner together in the evening now. Having down time to recharge is so important and I feel we all have so much more energy. We have made so much progress in one month it’s phenomenal we are both so grateful for all of your support you exceeded our expectations. Thank you x

We also offer Private 1-2-1 service which consists of an initial telephone call, and a 2 hour consultation in your own home as part of our package. 

Our Sleep Consultants are fully qualified and may choose to use one of 8 different sleep training techniques, depending on your individual needs.

Our personalised programme will guide you and your partner through a recommended 5 day schedule and beyond, with tips and skills to allow you to sort out your baby/childs sleep habits, ensuring that the whole family begin to get a good nights sleep.

 Areas we cover include: Birmingham, Warwick, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Coleshill, Leamington Spa, Coventry, Kenilworth, Henley in Arden, Stratford upon Avon, and surrounding areas.