Baby Rituals – Special things you say and do with your children

I never knew that i would be the type of mum who sang to her baby.  I was though!!  I sang all the time, and loved it!  There was never one particular song that i sang to my babies over and over again, i just sang, and stroked them, and did what i did.

I guess at the time, i never really noticed that some things i did with them had become a habit.

It hadn’t occurred to me that i was repeating a pattern of behaviour that i had subconsciously started to do regularly, that helped my baby/child to settle or feel happy and loved.

It is only more recently, that i started to really think about my behaviour patterns that i noticed i had had lots when they were little.  They had just become so engrained in to my daily routine that i wasn’t really aware of them.  It makes me feel proud to think about how attuned i became with each one of them, and how i automatically did the things that worked for them.

Now that they are older of course, there is less need for me to sit with them and stroke their hair, or read them the same stories over and over, but the odd little traditions still exist.

My favourite one is:-  My youngest child and I, many times a day, have our own little saying which usually starts with her coming over to me to give me a hug:-

I say “I love you Darcy”

And she says “I love you too”

I will say “I love you more”

And she always finishes by saying to me “I love you most”

And i give her a big smile!

I couldn’t tell you when this particular ritual began!  It has been this way for so many years, and it has happened so often.  I treasure those words every time, as i know they will soon be a thing of the past.

What sorts of things do you do with your little ones?

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