Baby wearing week!

So as we enter “Babywearing week” – yes it is a real thing – you might be asking “what are the benefits?  Looks like something only middle class mummies do” – WRONG!!  There are SO many benefits to baby wearing for mum, baby and even dad!!

First of all – free hands, brilliant for when you want to get on with other stuff – eating cake, walking a dog, looking after a toddler, eating cake, going for a walk, eating cake, the list goes on and on. (more cake anyone?)

Reflux symptoms seems to improve for babies and with so many babies being diagnosed with this condition this is a simple strategy to help baby feel more comfortable.

Bonding is improved as baby is held closer to you, which also improves the chances of breastfeeding by a whopping 200%.

And best of all babies cry less when they are routinely carried – good enough reason on it’s own to go and buy a wrap to snuggle up with your baby! 

If you would like to learn more, then visit the Birthability Pregnancy and Baby Fair on 18th October 2015 and attend a free mini talk by Anna Leeksma from the Cotton Nappy Co in Leamington.  Anna will be bringing some slings along on the day that you can try on with your baby (or a weighted doll if you are still pregnant).  She carries a range of colours so that dads can find one they like as well – no excuses!

For those that are already converts – we are making a plea for the donation of your used wraps and slings which will be given to Helping Hands charity for redistribution to families that would benefit from your generosity.

Full details about the fair are on our website 

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