Benefits of Using a Baby Sling

Baby carrying – is it just for a “certain type” of parent??

Yes – absolutely – it is for the EVERY ONE OF YOU type of parent /grandparents / aunties / uncles ……

There are so many recognised benefits to baby wearing in the first year that address many of the most common “frustrations” of early parenting, which include:

•1 carrier frees up 2 hands – perfect for anyone with a toddler, housework to do, dinner to make, or a cup of tea to drink whilst it’s still warm!

•Babies that are carried cry approximately 50% less – have I sold you the idea already?

•50% of all babies experience reflux in the first 12 weeks but 30 – 40 minutes in a good carrier after a feed can help ease the discomfort.

•Bonding is thought to be enhanced between baby and parents when offering a natural extension of kangaroo care through carrying, which brings about it’s own emotional and development benefits.

•Finally mums who routinely use a baby carrier are twice as likely to successfully breast feed so consider having a wrap ready for those earliest days.

The Cotton Nappy Company in Leamington, offer the opportunity to try and test different slings.  There is also and amazing Sling community and library in Coventry.

If you are purchasing elsewhere please read this article from “which” to understand how to spot a fake carrier – it is so important to only use safe products to carry your baby.

Vija clothing incorporates slings into t-shirts for simple and stylish baby wearing for both mums and dads.

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