Cradle cap – What can I do about it?

Blog post by Rebecca Anderton

My 6 month old little boy has been plagued by atopic eczema and cradle cap.

Throughout my parenting journey I’ve tried the recommended high street products, such as Dentinox that promise to cure cradle cap and spent a fortune on ‘no nasties’ shampoos to no avail, with some actually burning his scalp. After researching the various ingredients found in many baby shampoos, I was horrified and have stepped away from these to look at more natural alternatives.

Coconut oil has been fantastic at removing 90% of William’s cradle cap. Any natural coconut oil from the supermarket should do the trick. No need to spend a fortune on Lucy Bee! Simply warm it up so it melts and cover your baby’s head with it. I used to do this before bed time and was amazed how quickly it started to lift! I’ve recommended this to others who have had great success!

William is under a dermatologist for his skin and was prescribed Hydramol bath emollient for both his cradle cap and eczema. This is used in place of a shampoo and has completely got rid of any remaining scabs. You can get this from your local chemist or on prescription. Some of my friends have tried Hydramol with great success!

Having a baby with multiple skin issues has lead to me doing a lot of research into treatments and products on the high street. Before spending a fortune on branded products that promise to cure the complaints, have a look at the ingredients and try out some of the more soothing alternatives.

Remember your baby’s skin is very sensitive and minimal exposure to strong ingredients is, in my experience, definitely for the best!

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  • Angela M

    1st August 2021 at 6:39 pm Reply

    Hi! I just used pure lanolin…. it’s natural and so amazing for anyone’s skin. I put it on thick on baby’s head, and let it sit for 20 minutes, then gently used my fingernail to scrape off the lanolin along with the cradle cap. I know it sounds harsh to use a finger nail, but it is much more gentle actually, because you can gauge the pressure better.

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