Do Supermoons trigger a Birth Boom?

Are midwives across the world trying to get an extra couple of hours sleep today in preparation for a busy night on the labour ward?
Are doulas double checking their bags are ready and that their childcare is covered in case they are out overnight?

Tonight is not only a “Supermoon”  – it is the largest Supermoon since 1948 and won’t come this close again until November 25th 2034 – when all the babies born this year will be 18 years old!!!!

So what is the folklore around the moon?
Well many birth workers believe that there is an increase in the number of ladies that will go into labour on a full moon and in some maternity units across the world staffing is slightly increased.

There isn’t really any strong evidence to correlate the two – however if the body is made of 80% water and the moon is responsible for the flow and ebb of a tide then what’s to say it doesn’t affect our body as well??

If you are due in the next few days you might want to have your bag ready for this evening – and perhaps all of the other babies inside their mums uterus will be lulled to sleep tonight by their amniotic fluid rocking side to side?  Nice thought eh?

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