Expecting Again? Top 10 reasons to do classes


You are having another baby and are considering attending an antenatal refresher course.

You might have lots of questions that an experienced teacher can help you to answer, but you don’t want to go back to the beginning and attend a course with “first timers!”

Of course you don’t!  –  Thats why we have a short course designed especially for you.

Our “Expecting Again”  courses are run over two sessions in either Warwick or Solihull and offer flexibility with days and times.

Here is a list of reasons why you will want to attend:-


1   You had an amazing birth last time

So you want to revisit the classes to make sure you remember everything.


2   Your last birth was very traumatic

We want to help you understand and identify where things may have gone wrong and improve the experience this time.


3   You have a new partner who hasn’t been at a birth before

Our classes are specialised to teaching partners how to best support you in labour.


4   You have recently moved to the country

Birth options are very different across the world and it is important that you understand all the choices you can make.  We will be able to discuss all the local maternity units with you and their differing policies and cultures.


5   You have a big age gap between pregnancies

We know that sometimes it can feel like you have “forgotten it all” so can revisit the essential points of birth/deliveries.


6  You want to meet other couples that are expecting their second/third child

Our classes encourage discussions that allow the couples to get to know each other and form lasting bonds.


7  You were disappointed with previous antenatal classes with another company and feel that you need to be more prepared this time round

Because we attend births on a weekly basis we can ensure that our teaching is realistic and useful to both you and your partner – sharing all our “inside knowledge” with you will help you feel empowered when you go into labour.  Because we are not affiliated to a charity or hospital we can teach you honestly and openly about ALL the choices available to you without judgement or bias.


8   You may be considering a home birth or different hospital this time

We attend births at all the local units and are familiar with the guidelines and policies in each one. We can offer lots of information about your options, and can help you to look at where is suitable for you to give birth in this pregnancy, including Homebirth and Midwife Led Units for high risk women.


9   You are already worried about the impact of the new baby on your existing family

We will discuss the ways in which you might help your older child/ren adjust to their new role as sibling, consider ways to introduce your new baby, and look at expected behaviour patterns and how they may “act up” in the first year.


10  You just want to find a little bit of time to concentrate on this new baby

So many women tell us that life is generally too hectic to just “stop” and think about the new baby. Our Antenatal Yoga and “Expecting Again” sessions provide that quiet space for just a few hours – enabling you to spend the rest of the week “guilt free” whilst you chase around after the rest of the family.

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