Expecting again?

Why should you book an “Expecting Again” course?

Because you want to prepare for your next birth?

Because you want to prepare your little one for the arrival of your next baby?

Perhaps you had an incredible labour and want to revisit information that will help you to achieve a similar outcome?  Or perhaps labour was complex or difficult last time and you want to understand ways that you can make this experience more positive – for you, for your baby and for your partner

It doesn’t matter who you did your previous antenatal education with – NCT, Birthability, Birth and Baby Reality – or any other provider – we will bring our knowledge as birth workers and postnatal doulas to each session and ensure you leave feeling confident in your ability to prepare your whole family for the new arrival.

Our sessions are held in Warwick and Solihull and cover:

Moving forward from your previous birth

Introducing a new baby to their new brother or sister

Breathing and relaxation

The opportunity to meet a new network of friends that will also be moving onto their next baby.

Full details can be found here

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