Holidays and Pyjama Days

Well, It’s almost over, and i have survived!!  Some of you will know exactly what i am talking about, as today was the first day of the Summer holidays.

The excitement has been building for weeks now, as these last months have been hectic with revision, exams, rehearsals and performances and all the usual stuff that comes with the end of a school year.  The kids were so looking forward to a day where there was nothing in the diary, and they didn’t have to get up early.

They chatted about the the fun they would have, and the things they would do, but sure enough, 4 hours in and i had the usual comments of “I’M BORED”.

What are they like!!

My kids are so lucky.  We have lots of great toys, a wide range of craft activities, a garden, and a quiet cul-de-sac to play in, but no, they can’t think of anything.

There are many benefits to the Summer Holidays of course:-

I LOVE the fact that they are old enough to sleep in a little, so at least i don’t have to get up early with them anymore!   I LOVE the fact that they are home birds, and normally don’t mind these first few days of the holidays hanging out in their PJ’s!!  But i do not LOVE their inability to go off and play and entertain themselves.

Why is life so hard for modern kids?

Life was so much easier when i was a child, as we were free to roam around and play outside all day long. Our parents were far less concerned about our well being, and we rarely came in before dark.

It’s a shame that our kids have grown up with restrictions based on our fear.

In the end, i got them to make a cake which was yummy, and then to hand paint and decorate stones. However now i need to make a plan for what to do tomorrow!!  (Is tidying their bedrooms not fun??)

I need to think up some ideas of what to do to entertain the kids, that will not cost a fortune!!

Wish me luck!!

(Post your ideas in the comments box)


Photo by Lisa Gallagher

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