How to REALLY spoil her on Mother’s Day

We know that your first Mother’s day – either as a bump or with a new baby – is just that “extra” bit special, so we have been looking at wonderful ways that your partners / friends / family can help you celebrate and acknowledge how wonderful a mummy you are!!

Here are our top 5 suggestions

 1. A blissful massage

Jojo therapy in Leamington offers pregnancy and postnatal massage – and as many of our mums will tell you, she is AMAZING!!  Jojo has enormous experience in treating Sciatica, Pelvic pain & back and shoulder tension.  Mums leave her feeling nurtured and relaxed, both physically and emotionally!

Hands up those that want their partners to book them in!  (Me!! Pick me!)

2.  Time out with your partner

At coffee afternoons our mums regularly tell us that they just want an evening with their partners to connect again like it used to be “before the baby”.  Ask your parents if they could babysit for a few hours, or if you are a member of an antenatal group then you could ask your new friends if they would like to arrange a babysit swap.  Why not introduce a free app between your friends to help organise your dates out?  This one saves you a fortune, and let’s face it, the best person to look after a newborn just has to be the mother of another newborn, right?

3.  Enjoy a bath – in peace

Just 30 minutes uninterrupted quiet-time – some bubbles in the bath, a glass of wine to hand and a book to read.  Bliss!!  Alternatively download a free “headspace” app and enjoy a 10 minute meditation – helping you to relax and enjoy deeper sleep (on the occassoins that you might get any!)

Because it’s the simple things that bring the greatest pleasure, and sometimes a wash over with a baby wipe just doesn’t quite feel the same!

4.  Gift vouchers from Birthability.

What better gift can family buy you –  support to help you transition with ease into family life!

If you have already used one of our services (antenatal classes, pregnancy yoga, baby massage, doula services) then you know how passionate we are about emotionally supporting mums through pregnancy and beyond.  Why not buy a voucher for a pregnant friend or family member and know that you helped make a real difference in their experience.  NB: If you are looking for a doula then you could utilise your vouchers in conjunction with this weeks special offer of £50 off per package whilst we celebrate World Doula Week! (22nd-28th March 2017)

(vouchers to any value can be produced by contacting us at – phone us to arrange same day electronic delivery)

5.  Vouchers from Little Beanies

Everybody loves a beautiful photo of their baby or grandchild!!  This gift is ALWAYS going to be a winner!!  Lisa Jordan takes all the incredible and beautiful pictures across our website and she is also offering Mother’s day vouchers.  The images Lisa catches of both bumps and new families are just glorious because she uses natural light (very flattering and forgiving!) and takes lifestyle pictures in your home and surroundings, capturing a true record of your life that studio pictures simply won’t achieve.

Mother’s day is EVERY day – and these photos will last for a lifetime!

Photo by Little Beanies

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