Isn’t life Golden!

This weekend, my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary!

I know, It’s crazy isn’t it!  50 whole years of living with the same person.


Even though we start out on our path with our chosen life partner, knowing that we want to be with them forever, it is still hard to actually imagine what forever might look like.  When somebody then goes and puts a number on it, like 50, you have to assume that there is absolutely no way you could possibly, actually, 100% say for sure, that you can see yourself remaining with the same person for a whole 50 years!!

I am super proud to be able to say that my parents are still together.  I know few of us can!

So what is the magic ingredient?

I don’t really think that anyone knows the answer to that question, especially my parents!!  I think if you asked them, they would say that having fun and laughing together are vital, but how easy is that to maintain, when you have so many other pressures on you to deal with as a couple??  Raising a child/children, paying bills, managing each others expectations, work pressures etc:-

I know that my parents had some really tough times when we were growing up, and i worried alot as a child that they would split up and get divorced.  They didn’t though, they stayed together raising my brother and I, taking the rough with the smooth and getting through marriage with their love intact.

They did a great job too, (even if i do say so myself) giving Nick and I all the skills that we needed in life to grow into healthy, happy adults, who were capable of making good decisions, and having fun whilst remaining secure.  You just need to look at our own children (6 between us) to see what an amazing job they did, as we have continued to instil the same values our parents gave us, and their grandchildren are growing up to be incredible young people.

We know how lucky we are!

So I ask you to celebrate with us this weekend and wherever you are, raise a glass and toast my parents for their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary!

Love you Mum and Dad!


Photo by:-  Lisa Gallagher Photography

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