It must be hard being a Daddy!

I realise how hard it must be!

My partner has always been so good with children and wanted a baby for so long, then when we finally got pregnant all the attention is on… ME!!

For me, I got 9 months of my body changing, getting bigger and heavier, people uninvitingly touching my bump, being sick, not being able to work, being tired, not fitting in any clothes, etc. But for daddy-to-be he gets a long 9 months of waiting, not feeling the first kick, just missing the wiggles and squirms, never mind walking on egg shells around an over emotional me.. Daddy-to-be doesn’t get that 9 months bonding time like I did.

Then that day comes, he was amazing – had the hospital journey practised, parking was sorted with a home made “we’re having a baby” car ticket, snacks and bags were packed and into the car without me thinking about it and then he was just by my side, holding my hand, rubbing my back the whole time until the arrival of our beautiful baby girl.. He finally gets to meet her BUT FIRST the little lady came to mum for skin on skin, and to establish feeding.. Well he’s waited 9 months a few more hours won’t hurt!!
We got home and he worked his socks off being the best dad he could without being able to do the most important thing for that babies life – feed her.. So for him looking after mummy was the best way to look after baby, he:
Did the shopping and
Did all the things he could so I didn’t  have to worry and could concentrate on the all important feeding (which was more difficult than we thought) and catching up on rest.
Daddy got the soul responsibility to… Change nappies, whoo great fun.. But after he’s changed the nappy he could look forward to a long cuddle… But oh no wait, baby wants feeding again, back to mummy.. All this as well as STILL dealing with the up and down emotions from mummy and constantly having to say the right thing and try and keep positive – even though actually he was pretty tired himself.
Just as we find ourself getting into a nice routine – between 10-12 baby like to be in daddies arms and its a really nice bonding time for them both.. Then!!!! where’s the time gone… He’s only had two weeks with his new baby girl and he’s back to work!!! Now he has to try to face his own tiredness from disturbed nights AND work but also be the best daddy possible,but getting in after a long day at work to babies fussy time means he can’t just sit and have a cuddle with baby she needs a lot of attention, and fussy time means cluster feeding and cluster feeding means mummy. Mummies tired.. But so is daddy.. When does mummy and daddy time come back, plus he is STILL coping with all my up and down emotions… And he goes through all this without a fuss or a moan once!! He just simply does the best he can for his girls and we couldn’t ask for more.
It’s tiring being a new mum but people empathise with you.  It must be hard being a daddy and not be able to be as involved as you want to be…
He’s at the bad end of my emotions and tiredness, and doesn’t get enough play time with his baby girl..
I may not show him but my baby’s daddy is the best daddy we could ever ask for! And we know it must be hard…
By Rebecca Williams
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