Motherhood – in one word

How to describe Motherhood – in just one word?

Birthability is well known for the level of support that mums access at our coffee afternoons – not only from us or our visiting BF Counsellor, but also (and perhaps most importantly) from each other.  We are blessed to have a group that somehow (and we don’t know how we achieve it) isn’t “cliquey” in any way.  New mums are not just “accepted” into the group – they are positively welcomed.  Of course many of our mums are our clients from classes, yoga or doula clients – but mums from across the area come to join us – often from different courses and nearly always by word of mouth.

I think one of the things that makes us “special” is that we try to regularly hold a “discussion” amongst the entire group.  Everyone is encouraged to join in, albeit at whatever level they are comfortable with.  This leads to discussion, debate, advice and experiences being shared – and helps mums to voice openly when they are finding things difficult to deal with – and of course the rest of the group will offer solace, empathy, humour and a listening ear.  Hopefully all of our mums feel like they are members of an extended matriarchal family – where judgement is discouraged and wisdom is shared.

Often as mums walk into the group I can pick up on their “vibe” – they may be smiling outwardly, but perhaps something in the eyes tells me that there is a hidden emotion just waiting to be asked “how are you REALLY feeling?”  This week it struck me that a disproportionate number of our mums seemed low or tired……

So I asked the question –

Can you describe to me in just one word – what does Motherhood feel like to you TODAY.  Right here, right now.

Of course we all understand that the emotion “in the moment” can frequently (thank goodness) change “in the next moment” – but these are a selection of the responses given on that day.













……. and one from a visiting Grandma who with a tear in her eye looked at her daughter and grandchild and said “perfection – just pure perfection”.

Wow – she took our breath away 🙂

How would you describe your motherhood today – and why??

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