My midwife was amazing because..

Today is Random Act of Kindness Day!  – an opportunity to show acts of generosity or caring to friends, family and strangers alike – to inspire hope and generosity around the world.

The Birmingham Mail suggests simple acts such as giving up your seat on the bus or paying for the person’s coffee behind you in the queue, tiny actions that offer someone else a little “uplift”.  If you want a daily ‘fix’ then Facebook group ‘Kindness can change the world’  is full of ideas and experiences.

We already know that Pregnant women DEFINITELY appreciate and benefit from the thoughtfulness of other people as we regularly hear from our mums.

In 2010 a research entitled “One hundred intentional acts of kindness toward a pregnant woman” explored the wishes of expectant women – they found that from family they wanted consistent, daily emotional support – “ask me if I need anything” or “take a walk with me”.  From strangers they wanted respect for personal space “ask me permission before you touch my belly” (how many times do our mums tell us this isn’t often asked!)

Midwives offer a unique service, supporting couples at their most vulnerable, amazing and intense moments as they travel through one of the toughest “rites of passage” and enter into a whole new phase of their lives together.

Women frequently tell us that their midwife was amazing – and that she showed exceptional compassion and support.  They also tell us they are sad that they didn’t get to say “thank you” before the midwife left…  so here is your opportunity.

We want you to share your wonderful experiences and tell us what your midwife did that made your pregnancy / labour / early days special.  What did she say or do that made you feel listened to and cared for?  Not only is this an opportunity for you to shout out “Thankyou” – but we will also share your experiences with local midwifery managers so that they can see what a wonderful service their units are offering!

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