Our new baby!

Can you even imagine how much fun Sarah and I have working as a team!  Our work is very rewarding as it is, but sharing it with your best friend is even better.

We are having a great time growing our business, and those of you who are doula clients, or who attend our antenatal courses/classes and come to coffee mornings, should be aware that this year has been a big one for our company!  We have grown in ways we never imagined possible, and have made choices and decisions that have been HUGE!!

In order to continue with this growth, we are proud to announce, that not only do we have a shiny new logo, and a beautiful new website, we now have an adorable new car!!

This car found us, and we feel it was meant to be!!  Having seen it parked up on the side of the road with a For Sale sign on the front, i called Sarah, who said she had just seen the car too, and thought it was lovely!

We excitedly went to have a look together that same day, took a few photos, made a few phone calls, and within hours were sat in front of Wendy and Ian at Creative Touch Design, talking about our brand, and designs for a wrap!

The designer came up with a fantastic idea straight away!  We knew that it was perfect, as we had to be careful to get the right look which would draw attention to our target market!!  We needed pregnant women and their families to be able to see that ‘Our business is their business’.

We booked Lisa from Little Beanies photography to do a shoot for us, and convinced a lovely pregnant lady to be our model (you know who you are!).  We found a local company to wrap the car for us, and a few days after purchase, we dropped her off to be “made over”!


We are so pleased with the end result!  We love the bright colour that ties in with our logo, and as you can see, our dandelion is subtly splashed all over the background of the car.

As of yet, she doesn’t have a name!  Please help us to find one, and tell us your suggestions in the comments box, as we would be grateful for some ideas.

If you notice us out and about in her, take a photo, and post it to our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing them!

blog car photo









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