Sex education in 48 words – by a 10 year old

Last night my son Samuel (aged 10) bought home his exercise books from last year. We took a while to browse through his English books with poems and stories – which often give an interesting insight into your child’s thinking.

Then we moved onto his science book and I noticed that they had been discussing pollenation and so I asked him if they had covered sex education – which he said they hadn’t. Those that have read my blog “Vaginas or Fannys” will know that my boys are raised with an open understanding of all things birth and baby, but I was intrigued about his peer group and asked what did the others all know about sex – to which his reply was “everything – I’ve told them all about it”..


So obviously I questioned him “what exactly have you told them Samuel?” and here it is – Sex ed in 48 words


The penis goes into the vagina.

Sperm goes in and the DNA mixes with the egg, and that creates a fetus.

The fetus changes into a baby and when it gets too big mum has to push it out.

When it’s out the baby gets fed on breastmilk.


Full stop. End of.

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