UHCW – Lucina Birth centre – a new option for birthing

We are just SO delighted to announce that we will be joined by the midwives from UHCW at our Birthability Pregnancy and Birth fair – offering an amazing opportunity for couples to sit and chat with them about the services they offer.

Unusually, women across Warwickshire and Coventry are truly privileged in the range of choices they have when deciding where to birth – at home, in a midwife led unit or in an obstetric ward and best of all, women in the region can choose which unit they want to birth in – Each have their merits for various pregnancies and your midwife will be able to discuss where they would recommend you birth.

UHCW (or Coventry hospital) – is able to offer women real choices within its unit as they encompass both an obstetric ward (for higher risk pregnancys) and an “alongside” dedicated midwife led centre.

Over the years the unit has improved its provision to women – supporting them to achieve one of the lowest caesarean section rates in the West Midlands and one of the highest normal birth rates!

Recently the obstetric unit has redecorated its pool room and is enjoying supporting appropriate women to labour in there – helping to normalize the birth experience for new families. This is a welcome addition to support higher risk women in achieving more active labours and accessing a great pain relief option for labour and birth.

For lower risk pregnancies the Lucina Birth Suite is just a dream place to welcome your baby into the world. It’s beautiful rooms are equipped with dim lighting, beanbags and birth pools – supported by amazing midwives that truly believe in women’s abilities to birth and will encourage you to find positions that work for you whilst taking great care of your partner and supporting him through the labour too.

By joining us on 18th October you will be able to sit with a Supervisor of Midwives and discuss the options that are available to you personally for your individual birth.

The Midwifery team are looking forward to chatting with you – For more information about Lucina visit http://www.uhcw.nhs.uk/maternity/lucina-birth-centre

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