Worried about birthing again?

Worried about birthing again?  You are not alone..

According to NHS Maternity statistics during 2014 – 15 approx:

75% of first timers achieved a vaginal birth – albeit often following a long and arduous labour.

14% of all women needed assistance during the second stage of labour with either forceps or ventouse.

25% will have had a caesarean section.  They may have had a planned caesarean last time so never experienced any labour at all, or they had a long labour, often achieving a good level of dilation before a c-section became necessary.

Almost 100% will be hoping that they have a shorter and easier experience this next time round.

Unfortunately “hoping” often isn’t enough!!  Preparation for your second labour is SO important.

One of the most common reasons for couples to attend our “Expecting Again” course is because they carry an element of birth trauma from their previous birth.  They have fallen deeply in love with their baby – but still carry the scars of their experiences.
Whilst listening to both men and women during our classes parents often tell us the following:

  • we felt so out of control
  • everything was done “to us”
  • we didn’t know we had choices
  • labour was so long / painful
  • I felt totally helpless – I didn’t know how to make it better

These couples may have attended NHS or other parent craft classes in their first pregnancy – but often they were only told their local hospital policies, rather than being told about all the options available to them – including the decision of where and how they could birth.

If you want the opportunity to reflect on your previous experience, understand where things may have “gone wrong”, be better prepared for all eventualities and feel more in control of your choices then we would strongly recommend booking onto an “Expecting Again”  course.

The problem with second time birth is…  the previous birth has left emotional wounds and for many women this is the last chance for them to “heal” the pain it caused.

Be prepared – having a great birth is nothing to do with luck.

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