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Our new baby!

[gallery link="file" columns="1" size="medium" ids="22724,22702"] Can you even imagine how much fun Sarah and I have working as a team!  Our work is very rewarding as it is, but sharing it with your best friend is even better. We are having a great time growing our business,...

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Holidays and Pyjama Days

Well, It’s almost over, and i have survived!!  Some of you will know exactly what i am talking about, as today was the first day of the Summer holidays. The excitement has been building for weeks now, as these last months have been hectic with revision, exams,...

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Doula on Vacation

Doula on vacation So for the past fortnight Sallyann and I have found ourselves in the very unusual situation of being “off call” (well kind of!)  Our final June client birthed a little earlier than expected, and our next clients aren’t due for a couple more...

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I Saw You

I saw you light up with pride when they said "it's a boy". I saw you struggling to comfort him when his only comfort was me. I saw you fighting to calm your temper when he screamed and hit out at the world, overwhelmed and confused. I saw...

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